Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Guess So

"1.U teach me how to smoke well,so then i can smoke your love..
   (smoke dlm2 k..huuhuhu)
2.U teach me how to attract guys,so that i can be more attractive into your eyes.
3.U teach me how to beat people(opah),so that i can beat trouble come into our friendship...
4.U teach me how to handle the situation,so that i can handle our friendship well.
5.U teach me how to be a liar sometimes,so that i can cheated around others 4 our happiness.
6.U teach me how to be more brave,so that i can face reality n gain confidence better.
7.U teach me how to ride a motorcycle without helmet,so that our head doesnt have problem too much..
8.U teach me how to waste money,so that we achieve anything we want.
(socialite rite??)
9.U teach me how to drunk,so that i can drunk into your love.
10.U teach me how to not loving others too much,so that i can forgotten him,n believe in your love.
last but not least.........U doesnt teach me how to love...why???because love comes when it was you..AMIR ASYRAF BIN MASLAN....."

    This is called LOVE :) !!!

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