Monday, March 29, 2010

Again and again

Won a comment fight yeah!! I feel so BIG!i am BIG Hahaha, yeah I know, I have wasted my time fighting with this retard but hey, a gay gotta do what a gay gotta do.

I feel bad for posting this on my Blog, but WHO CARES??? Wany Wonka does it all the time, and fuck to all morons!

A friend told me that he send a message to him and the others, semata mata nak cakap yang I kutuk-kutuk they all and ask them to beware with me. Haha. I felt very sarcastic with his message. Oh Please dont be too pathetic, Mak Nyah.And in his message, he manipulated my words...obviously make everyone to be on his side (which I don't care).

HELLO sayang, 'Talk more or you're just embarrassing yourself'...what happen to that?? whatever... 

Then I thought of fighting back. Because I've never been in a fight like that before, so it's kinda fun...hehe but then a best friend of mine which happen to be his ex-boyfriend told me that he's been in a big fight before...when I mention BIG fight I mean a SUPER DUPER BIG fight...yang sampai panggil POLIS go figure what kind of person I cari pasal with hehe...(hahaha) haha and now is my turn diugut untuk report polis semata-mata i take and keep his fucking shoe.

Then I know that it is so not worth it to fight with a gangster...(akot, akot..)
But for me, simple logic...both of us were wrong cause we talk bad bout each other...

Dear An Murasaki,

Hahhaha Sumpah kelakar because i dont know since when i boleh kenal dengan you . I Think   I don't even know you, who jokes like that for God's sake?????Ok meh sini aku cakap melayu. Kau nak cakap aku perangai macam *pfft? Takkan orang 'ludah air' dekat aku, aku boleh senyum? Tu pun aku tak sound kau direct, aku kasi sarcastic remark je dengan tolak kau sikit and kau sendiri yang jatuh dalam kolam. Tapi masalahnya, ada aku kacau hal kau ke sebelum ni? Takde kan? So siapa yang carik pasal dulu?Kau sendiri yang terkinja-kinja delete balik comments sebab takut malu. Aku tak payah Blog about this pun semua orang tau kau salah. And BTW, get your facts right before you bitch about me on your Blog, I did not get into a SUPER DUPER BIG FIGHT (ayat budak tadika) yang sampai panggil polis.

How poor are you, when we already settle this problem, you buat hal sekali lagi dengan sebarkan cerita yang i pecah masuk rumah you, sedangkan ramai orang  tau yang i tak jejak samapai dalam rumah,tapi perkarangan rumah je. haha yes you can jaja my story dekat semua orang, macam BUZZ!  someone dekat Ym, Hantar fake SMS-es dekat Shika and Zoey, once again, For God's Sake! You ingat diorang akan believe all your fucking shit story? No way man, Try la smpai buat they all percaya.
Nak marah I pasal Dira, you the one who told the 'pukimak' story about Dira to our beloved friends kan, so just accept la padahnya kan.Siapa suruh you buat cerita, Oh maybe tu memang makanan ruji u everyday iaitu buat fitnah dekat orang :)

I'm not a gangster nor a bitch BUT I have this thing called as BRAIN and I'm not a coward, like you!

Like I said, you're just embarrasing yourself,

*updates: he deleted all of his comments, perhaps dia malu terhadap diri sendiri?

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