Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i might be a bad senior

am i am i ?ye ke?huh? no no no. huh i am ? fuck kau. mana , bila ? kata lah. haha hm okay i admit i am very the sombong with the junior. so ? like you care. haha well i am very the sombong but im not the bad one. betol tak!just, i dont really talk to you guys like other senior does. maybe because i am shy. (shy pantat!)hehehehehe =) okay back to the point. hm mybe when ppl smile at me i wont smile back. but that doesnt mean i am bad. well, sometimes i do TER pandang langsi to ppl. but again im not that bad. noh noh noh i am not. mybe youll just hve to talk to me , mybe ill talk to you juga kan. i dont know why but i dont talk to much with ppl that i dont know. hey who does ? ppl would say that yre a maniac. so overall , it's not my fault. hurrah ! haha

ps, melahar is my job.

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